At Queensview Retirement Community, our values remain the same, we are a resident-first community run by passionate and experienced care specialists at all levels, who are committed to the care and well being of all residents and team members.

Care will continue to be our number one priority.

At this present time, preparedness and care for our team members and your family ensures we are all working together to minimize the exposure to the virus, Covid-19. To date, Queensview has set a gold standard for safety and prevention and will continue to interpret the guidelines, apply them to all areas of the community and be vigilant in sanitizing all common areas to the best of our ability.

We continue to review up to date information from the World Health Organization (WHO) the Public Health Agency of Canada (PHAC), Ontario Retirement Communities Association (ORCA) & Retirement Homes Regulatory Authority (RHRA) to ensure we are prepared and well informed to make decisions regarding your care and ours.

Please note if we feel additional care needs to be taken within the community, to maintain our own gold standard, we will put them in place. These procedures are updated frequently.


Neil Barran, VP Operations,

Karen Barnett, General Manager, Queensview Retirement Community,